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00. Download Printable Syllabus (in .docx format) 
01. Textbook Website 
02. Paper Questions 
03. The forms of folklore: Prose narratives (Bascom, 1965) 
04. The problem of defining myth (Honko, 1972) 
05a. Chapter 3 of Comparative Mythology (Puhvel, 1987) 
05b. Chapter 8 of Comparative Mythology (Puhvel, 1987) 
06. Family Tree: Gods of Hesiod's Theogony 
07. What is a myth? 
08. Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Literature (NAWL-A:3-22) 
09. Creation and the Cosmos - Hesiod (NAWL-A: 23-25;39-47) 
10. Homer & Selections from the Iliad (NAWL-A: 222-331) 
11, Useful Summary of Hesiod's Theogony 
12. The Titans in Greek Mythology (video) -- Kathryn McClymond 
13. Summary of Homer's Iliad 
14. Time Line of Greek History and Literature 
15a. Study Guide for Hesiod 
15b. Editable Study Guide for Hesiod 
16. Rubric for Short Papers 
17a. Purdue OWL - APA Style 
17b. Purdue OWL - MLA Style 
17c. Citation Generator 
18. Did I plagiarize? 
19. Indo-European (Tuesday, 13 September) 
20. Ancient Greece (Tuesday, 13 September) 
21a. Greek History: The Dark Ages 
21b. Greek History: The Dark Age (cont) 
22. Great Battles: Was there a Trojan War? Recent Excavations at Troy 
23. In Our Time (BBC Radio 4 Podcast): The Oresteia 
24. Study Guide for the Iliad 
25. Questions for Discussion 
26. Greek Mythology: Some New Perspectives (Kirk, 1972) (protected with the class dropbox password) 
27. Study Guide for Aeschylus' Agamemnon 
28. Study Guide for Assigned Papers on Mythology 
29. Agamemnon (performance) 
29. Ancient Greek Drama 
30. A Briefer Introduction to Ancient Greek Drama 
31. Sample Midterm Questions 
32. Useful Summary of Ovid's Metamorphoses 
33. Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 10 (protected with the dropbox password) 
34a. Shaw's Pygmalion (text) 
34b. Shaw's Pygmalion (film) 
35. Summary of the Ramayana 
36. Chapters 4 and 5 of Puhvel's Comparative Mythology (protected with the class dropbox password) 
37a. Chapter 4 of Mallory's In Search of the Indo-Europeans (protected with the class dropbox password) 
37b. Chapter 5 of Mallory's In Search of the Indo-Europeans (protected with the class dropbox password) 
38. Study Guide for Ovid's Metamorphoses 
39. The Indo-European Myth of Creation (Lincoln, 1975)(protected with the class dropbox password) 
40. Study Guide for Valmīkī's Rāmāyana 
41. Study Guide for Assigned Papers on Mythology 2 
42. Wender (1972) The Myth of Washington 
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