Policy Change on Papers

Post date: Nov 14, 2016 4:42:1 AM

The original paper rules said that each student had to turn in five papers, one by each stated deadline. All students could turn in up to two more papers to replace the lowest grades on the papers they had turned in on time. A substantial number of students have missed one or more paper deadlines.

The new rule: If you missed one or more of the first three papers, you can turn them in by Friday, 9 December (Friday of Dead Week); the maximum available grade will be 6 points (so a 2-point penalty for missing the deadline). Notice that you will still only be able to replace the grades of papers turned in on time by turning in one or two extra papers.

Notice the policy that hasn't changed: If on the fourth paper (the one due Saturday, 11 November) or fifth paper, you fail to include appropriate in-text citations and bibliography, your paper will be an automatic 0 and be treated as plagiarism, as discussed several times in class and on the paper rubric.